Blog: Enhancing the development of the next generation of surveyors

It is often tempting for organisations to seek savings in their training and development budget, reducing their investment in the most important asset within any business, its people. Not only is this a short-term view but is likely to have a long term detrimental impact on the business. For any business to grow they need the next generation of talent who bring with them fresh ideas, different experiences and new inspiration.

Place Partnership on the other hand, are committed to learning and development of all our employees and we have been keen to develop new Graduate Surveyor talent.

We are a new and developing property business. We are the largest employer of chartered surveyors in the area and are incredibly proud to have a fantastic team of experienced, highly knowledgeable surveyors who have gained experience from a variety of backgrounds. That is why we are an ideal organisation to provide an aspiring new graduate their first role in property.

It the first year of the graduate scheme we employed two graduates; one in general practice and one in quantity surveying. The scheme has now grown and we now have five graduates across different property disciplines; asset management, general practice, quantity surveying and building surveying.

Following a successful graduate recruitment campaign this year we have recruited a further two general practice surveyor graduates who will join the estate management and valuation team later in the year.

Our graduate programme is something that we aim to extend across other property disciplines; project management, energy and M&E within the business over the next two years.

We are commitment to developing new talent and the next generation of chartered surveyors. Not only can our graduates learn from our professionals, but they have a fantastic opportunity to develop their experience and knowledge across a diverse property portfolio.

With the range of property disciplines that we offer, we can tailor the learning to enable graduates to develop their career in the property discipline that interests them the most. We do this because we want to provide a unique and innovative career pathway in real estate.

Can we as a business support the development of so many graduates? We believe yes.

Many organisations see investment in graduate programmes as labour intensive and impacting on core delivery. But we take an alternative view. Not only are our graduates keen and eager to learn, but they bring with them a new insight and fresh learning from academic qualifications and with this brings new ideas and new innovative property approaches. This is something that is invaluable to us a business and our development in the future.

Andre Woods - Graduate Surveyor:

“Being at Place Partnership you get to work as part of a professional team that has so much experience and knowledge which is always a good environment for a graduate scheme; this is partly what sets it apart from most graduate schemes. The type of experience and training you obtain from Place Partnership will definitely go some way to making you stand out from other graduates in the industry.”

Kristian-Xavier Nicholson - Graduate Surveyor:

“The graduate scheme at Place Partnership provides a wealth of knowledge and experience normally restricted to the latter years of your career in property. It is thoroughly invigorating to take part in such diverse and challenging projects daily. I look forward to developing my career with the guidance of Place Partnership Limited.”

Mel Ganderton

HR Director at Place Partnership

Place Partnership earns international quality standards

Place Partnership, a Worcester-based property management company, has successfully achieved International Certifications in Quality Management Systems and Information Security.

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