Place Partnership launch brand new system

A new facilities management system (Tf Cloud) for Place Partnership and its partners has been launched in time for the new financial year.

Tf cloud is a web-based system that will be used across the business from the contact centre, to managing projects, placing works orders, overseeing planned maintenance regimes and recording information about condition, asbestos and mechanical and electrical equipment.

The new system will dramatically enhance process efficiency, deliver more accurate work scheduling, improve access to essential property data and provide better reporting and tracking of property related activity.

That means a better service for all Place Partnership’s clients, customers and partners.

Tf cloud will also allow Place Partnership to provide web access to customers and suppliers. Clients will be able to access a portal to view help calls that they and their organisation have raised and add new calls or notes.

Suppliers will be able to record completed work through apps or their portal, add invoices, certificates and other documentation. Invoices will be processed and approved online, speeding up the service and supporting faster payment to suppliers.

New Tf cloud apps on Place Partnership employees’ smartphones will make it easier for staff to keep up to date when they’re on the move as they’ll be able to pick up jobs, monitor work and deal with issues quickly – improving customer service to all partners.

“This is an important step forward for Place Partnership and all its customers,” said Managing Director Andrew Pollard.

“Sharing services across the public sector was, of course, one of the key drivers behind the launch of Place Partnership three years ago following the government’s call to public sector organisations to look at ways of pooling staff, services and assets to provide more efficient services.

“Having this new, state of the art IT system will help us deliver efficiencies and a better service – which is what Place Partnership is all about."

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